29th July - 3rd August 2018

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All Hallows School
Somerset, BA4 4SF


Some kind comments we have received from parents and students over past years.

"Every time I've come on this course I've never wanted to go home"
"The staff are so kind and kool and they put in so much energy and effort"
"Summer's Cool is AMAZING! It was nice to meet new people and make lots of new friends -
I really enjoyed playing all the different varieties of pieces - I loved the evening games too."
" I can't wait to come again next year!"
"I remember my first year at Summer's Cool five years ago - it's great to see how people have grown and progressed -
I LOVE Summer's Cool"

I just wanted to say a HUGE thank you to you and all the staff who ran Summer’s Cool. My boys have talked non-stop about their new friends, activities, singing, music – since being home they have been making their beds, wiping tables and clearing away! I’m wondering whether you could run a similar course for dads! It’s the first time the boys have been away from home for a week and we are amazed to see how much their confidence and independence has grown. They speak very fondly of you and all the staff who have created a professional but homely, fun and inspirational week. Thank you once again – this will definitely go down as one of the experiences they will never forget.

We would like to say ‘Thank you’ but it could not fully express the respect and our appreciation by merely the two words. Michael had already made a few good friends during the unforgettable summer cool week and he started to miss them on his way back home on Friday. It is a miracle to create such a superb young orchestra within only one week’s time especially on the first day of registration all the promising children are of different ages and of different musical levels and they do not know each other. But you have made all the dream true with the effort by your fantastic musicians’ team.

Firstly thank you for another great year. Harriet and Alex have been writing to each other over the holidays and what is obvious from their letters is the “Amazing Fun” the pair of them shared during their week at Summer’s Cool. I think Summer’s Cool is best summed up as a place to catch up with old friends (and meet new friends), make music and basically to have a lot of fun. Well done to you and your wonderful team and our very best wishes to you all for the rest of the year.

Hi Andrew and everyone from Summer's Cool. Just a quick note to say thank you all so much for the hard work you put in last week at Summer's Cool. Kate has had a fab time, made several new friends and now can't stop singing the songs you taught her!! (And we all know them now too!!) She loved the ensemble and Orchestra playing the most, but all the other activites you organised helped her to make friends and become confident at new things! So, thank you all once again, and please let us have details for next year in due course!